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Welcome to Propaganda Solutions, your trusted partner for holistic digital success. In today's highly competitive digital landscape, it's crucial to harness the power of holistic digital marketing to ensure your business reaches its full potential. Our strategy encompasses not just Search Engine Marketing (SEM) but also integrates Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Online Reputation Management to build a comprehensive online presence. From strategic planning to tactical execution, we combine the best of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with creative and engaging content as well as targeted social media campaigns to achieve maximum visibility and drive qualified traffic to your website.


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PS helped us building a website and Setting our social media. That PS and all members did everything to support us and the project.

Social Media Audit

What is A Social Media Audit?

A Social Media Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's social media presence. It assesses profiles, content, engagement, and overall strategy across various platforms to identify areas of strength, opportunities for improvement, and alignment with business goals.

Our Approach to Social Media Audit

The approach involves a detailed analysis of social media activities. This includes reviewing account profiles, content quality, user engagement, audience demographics, and comparing performance against industry standards and competitors.

Services we provide:

Improvement Facts

Social Media Audit strategies

Regular social media audits can increase a brand's engagement rate by up to 60%, significantly enhancing its digital marketing effectiveness and audience reach.

About Service

Our Social Media Audit service provides an in-depth review of your social media channels, offering insights to optimize your online presence, enhance engagement, and align with your marketing objectives.

The process of Social Media Audit:

Profile Examination

Assess the completeness and branding consistency of social media profiles.


Content Review

Analyze the effectiveness, relevance, and engagement of posted content.


Engagement Analysis

Evaluate user interactions like likes, shares, comments, and overall audience engagement.


Audience Demographic Study

Understand the characteristics and behaviors of the audience.


Benchmarking Against Competitors

Compare social media performance with that of competitors.


Platform Efficacy Assessment

Determine the effectiveness of each social media platform in the strategy.


Alignment with Business Goals

Ensure social media efforts align with overall business and marketing objectives.


Actionable Recommendations

Develop strategic recommendations for improvement.


Implementation Strategy Development

Offer a plan for applying audit findings to enhance social media performance.

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