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Service:Website Design


Goal:Create an awe-inspiring website

Struktur is one of our longstanding clients. It is real estate consulting services focused on clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, organization, transformation, operations, letting, branding, communications, events, technology, and sustainability across the real estate sector in Berlin and abroad.

How did we do it?


The aim of the project was to create an awe-inspiring website from the ground up, which would represent the client's offerings in an attractive way and help bring in more leads.

We took special care to craft a website that would captivate the ideal consumer and generate more leads for the client.

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how did we solve it:

We implemented a "Progressive Disclosure," "Reduction of Complexity," and "Linear Guidance" strategy while building an immersive website experience with WordPress as the low-cost but versatile CMS

Our aim was to reduce clutter and focus on one or two actions at a time, decreasing confusion and distraction and leading to a strong call to action. We put emphasis on key elements such as "contact us" for instant lead generation, with each page optimized for search engine visibility.


But the build-out was not enough - we tracked the website's effectiveness with Google Analytics and adjusted the design according to the data signals. At PS, we ensure that these analytics settings are set up correctly on all website builds to gain a better understanding of user behavior.


What did we get from it?

Average time of site more than 2 minutes

Improve the usability of the site

Increase % of conversion

Attractive website

454% more qualified traffic than before

Bounce rate less than 20%